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Mind-Body Approach

Neural Reprogramming


Stress & Anxiety Coaching

Do you suffer from Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, or Addiction? Is your job performance impacted? Do you feel hopeless? Do you feel trapped? Do you often feel misunderstood? Do you feel inadequate despite being an overachiever? Do you find yourself trying to please everyone? Do you secretly fear that you aren't loved? Are you a perfectionist? Do you wish you could return to an old version of you where life was more enjoyable? 

What if I told you that trauma from your past might be the cause of your suffering? What if I told you that you can learn to change your brain and restore balance, vibrancy, and joy in your life?    

You Are In Charge!

From Surviving to Thriving

I used to suffer from debilitating chronic pain and stress. I often felt that my life was over, there was no hope, and I was sentenced to a life of eternal suffering. I was exhausted, frustrated, angry, ashamed of my pain, and really scared of the future until I cracked the code on the source of my pain! I found the root of my pain in stress and past trauma and that is when my journey of recovery began. Since then, I have dedicated myself to studying the Mind-Body connection and have managed to completely heal the complicated chronic pain. I am certified in Chronic Pain Coaching & TRE Facilitation (Somatic Therapy).   

My studies, research, and personal experience have led me to firmly believe that stress and trauma are the roots of most chronic illnesses and have developed a solution that utilizes cutting-edge scientific discoveries in neuroscience, psychology, meditation, fitness, and nutrition to offer a holistic solution for upgrading the human body and mind to eliminate many stress & trauma borne illnesses. 

We all deserve to live a whole, fulfilling, healthy, and joyous life. Are you ready to Reclaim Your Joy and start thriving?

resiliency protocol

The Resiliency Protocol is a comprehensive holistic program that utilizes science-based methods to help you optimize your physical, mental, and emotional capacity to handle stress. Through this unique approach, I help you regain control over your responses by combining a revolutionary method for Stress, Tension, and Trauma Release called TRE that targets the physical body with a cutting-edge neuroscience technique called Neuroplasticity that helps you reprogram your brain to combat stress. Brain Mastery is designed to treat the whole organism by aiming to bring balance to the Mind, Body, and Spirit alike.  You can expect to learn about:

The impact of Stress on the body & how to overwrite your default responses

The Neuroscience of Stress & what it means for your recovery

The Essentials of Neuroplasticity & how to make it work for you

The Neuroscience of Exercise & its role in your recovery

The Neuroscience of Mindfulness & how to take control by letting go

The Anti-Stress Diet & the role of nutrition in your recovery

Tension, Trauma, and Stress Exercises & regulating your own nervous system

Sessions can be conducted in-person in the Los Angeles area or through calls and video chats. Free consultations are available to answer questions and assess client needs.