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Your Winning Advantage Inside And Outside The Courtroom

A mastery workshop for female attorneys 

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Female attorneys face extraordinary challenges. Between extreme deadlines, unreasonable workload, no control over one’s schedule, an unempathetic system, and the physical toll of endless hours at the computer, attorneys are experiencing an epidemic of burnout. In fact, many have at some point considered quitting their profession altogether in search of a more balanced and healthy life. 

The law industry is experiencing a burnout epidemic

of women in law experience moderate to severe stress



of women in law engage in risky drinking


of women in law experience depression symptoms

While most of these challenges are systemic and a byproduct of the legacy models under which the industry and a large majority of law firms operate, there are active steps you can take to manage the demands of your life and work. 


Kelly H.


"I feel like Anahita has opened up my life again. Before I started working with her, there was still a lot of self-protecting I was doing in ways that were both subconscious and unconscious. The work I have been doing with Anahita has freed me up to see the possibilities again and have tremendous hope of a life without the boundaries I have suffered inside for many years now. For that, I am extremely grateful and in awe of her knowledge and capabilities."


Daphne D.


"Anahita is loving, inspiring, uplifting, and warm, but also resolute, determined, practical and effective. Before working with her, I felt overwhelmed by the demands of my life and work. Our work together helped me shift how I perceive and respond to states of overwhelm and stress.  She is the supportive and compassionate voice counteracting the harsh inner judge. She has validated my sense that being a lawyer does not have to be this consuming, but that we are up against a system that completely failed to support women. She fills that gap."


Vanessa M.


"As a full-time attorney and a full-time mom, I was constantly overwhelmed and felt like I was not performing either job well. I was in a vicious cycle of self-deprecation and poor time management that left me feeling unfulfilled. This all changed once I started working with Anahita. She allowed me to gain a much better handle on my work and my life, by providing me with the proper tools to navigate through the inevitable challenges that come my way. I am not only more productive, but I am overall happier and more at ease. I cannot thank her enough for sharing her wisdom. If you have a chance to work with her, go for it!! You have so much to gain! ​



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I am Anahita Anais Parseghian; an Integrative Mental Health Practitioner and Resilience Coach. I support women in high power positions to develop burnout-proof resilience, address stress-induced symptoms, and cultivate lasting career fulfillment so they can continue breaking barriers and inspiring change.

I have been working closely with female attorneys for the past 2 years and have an intimate understanding of the unique and unimaginable challenges you face.  I launched this project after working with multiple female attorney clients and noticing a common thread across their personal and professional challenges. I am here to share with you my deep and intimate understanding of the nervous system and a large repertoire of effective tools and practices that cultivate measurable changes in health, resilience, and performance.

My personal journey with resiliency began during a 3+ years-long quest to heal complex chronic pain that had deemed me disabled.  After years of searching, I found the root in corporate burnout and trauma.  I left my decade+  successful career in tech in 2016 and dedicated myself to educating and supporting others to befriend their nervous system and cultivate lasting resiliency. 

I'm a UCLA grad with accredited certifications in Mental Health Integrative Medicine, Somatic Trauma Therapy, The TRE Method, The Safe & Sound Protocol, Neural Reprogramming, and Holistic Pain Management.

The Predictable Burnout Verdict

It is no news that the long hours, high-pressure work environments, challenging client conditions, and dealing with ruthless opposing counsels regularly have a significant and measurable impact on your physical, mental, and emotional health. The question is what can you do about it? In the absence of effective and accessible solutions, it is no surprise that many attorneys turn to caffeine, Adderall, alcohol, and other substances to simply make it through the next deadline. 

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Unfortunately, although these substances solve the short-term problem, they carry far more serious long-term ramifications. This is how the “The Vicious Cycle Of Exhaustion” self-perpetuate: we medicate because we are exhausted, along the way depleting the little energy we do have which perpetuates further exhaustion and further medication, and so the cycle contunues to repeat itself. 

The Vicious Cycle Of Exhaustion gone unaddressed leads to burnout

When the nervous system is on high alert or burned out...

Access to creative capacity, problem-solving, and emotional regulation is compromised

Performance and effectiveness are compromised


Personal and professional relationships are compromised

Health and vitality are compromised

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The question is how do you intercept the cycle of exhaustion and prevent burnout?


By cultivating lasting resilience through a powerful step-by-step process called “Befriending Discomfort”. 

In a career as challenging as law and a world engulfed in uncertainty and turbulence, a deep knowledge of the workings of our nervous system and effective tools to achieve and retain a state of homeostasis are critical life skills with expansive benefits for our health, performance, and relationships.


This workshop will equip the participants with the folowing key benefits and take aways


  • Recognize and disrupt triggers before overwhelm, even in the middle of a court procedure

  • Access full cognitive and creative problem-solving capabilities, even when under pressure

  • Masterfully navigate charged emotional states back to balance


  • Feel empowered and capable to handle any and all stressors with mastery and grace

  • Have unshakable confidence in your ability to navigate difficult decisions

  • Have a robust framework to ensure high performance and effectiveness inside and outside the court rooom


Access the feminine advantage through your innate attunement to compassion, curiosity, creativity, and intuition. 

Befriending Discomfort is a 7-step resilience mastery process that empowers individuals to move from overwhelm to resilient problem-solving seamlessly. Befriending Discomfort is built upon the principles of an emergent understanding of the autonomic nervous system, mechanical interventions to disrupt overwhelm, and core principles of High-Performance, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness. 

Befriending Discomfort framework is the Swiss Army knife in the toolbox of every woman in a high-power position. 

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What Resiliency Is: 

  • Ability to prevent overwhelm

  • Ability to expand emotional capacity

  • Ability to anchor in safety

  • Ability to practice self-compassion

  • Ability to problem-solve under stress

  • Ability to navigate challenging decisions

  • Ability to take timely action

What Resiliency Is Not: 

  • Pushing through / powering through

  • Pretending not to feel emotions

  • Putting on a "tough" appearance

  • Blaming and shaming oneself

  • Attempting to control others

  • Denying there is a problem

  • Sacrificing the important things


The benefits of the critical knowledge acquired in this workshop go far beyond an individual application in personal and professional life and offer a fresh and effective framework for supporting clients through stressful legal procedures.

Workshop Delivery

Available Online and On-Location

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