All mental health challenges manifest as neurochemical imbalances in the body. This service is designed to help you reduce and/or eliminate anxiety and stress, and restore balance to the nervous system. 

This protocol including culinary medicine, supplements, herbs, fitness, and lifestyle regimens designed specifically for your unique needs. 

What is included: 

  • Assessment Period (7-10 days)

    • Review of your latest blood panel results (if available)

    • Review of your complete health history & lifestyle report

    • You will be required to present a 3-7 day Food-Mood Journal

  • Design Period (1-3 days)​

    • We will work together to design an optimal protocol that addresses your main concern and fits your lifestyle​

  • Implementation & Integration 

    • You are responsible for the implementation and integration of the protocol


If you would like the option to optimize as you go and/or receive support implementation (highly recommended), please choose the facilitated option. 


    Wellness Protocol for Fatigue - Self Implement


      • Upon purchase, you will receive intake documents to complete: 
        • Mental and physical assessment form to complete (HIPPA Compliant) 
        • Food:Mood diary template to begin tracking your food intake and symptoms
        • Link to upload your latest blood panel results (if available)
      • Link to schedule an onboarding call with the provider
      • Once your intake process is completed, you will receive your personalized protocol within 7 days