Long-term use of certain pharmaceuticals for mental health can run havoc in the body and mind alike often causing dependency and unintended negative side-effects.


This protocol is designed to restore your neurochemistry following pharmaceutical use, and/or support you in weaning off of powerful pharmaceuticals in partnership with your prescribing doctor. 


The following options are available through this service: 


  • Anti-Depressant Detox Protocol
  • Benzodiazepines Detox Protocol
  • Sleep Aid Detox Protocol
  • Opioid Detox Protocol

This protocol includes detoxes, culinary medicine, supplements, herbs, fitness, and lifestyle regimens designed specifically for your unique needs. 

What is included: 

  • Assessment Period (7-10 days)

    • Review of your latest blood panel results (if available)

    • Review of your complete health history & lifestyle report

    • You will be required to present a 3-7 day Food-Mood Journal

    • Conversation with your prescribing doctor

  • Design Period (1-3 days)​

    • We will work together to design an optimal protocol that addresses your main concern and fits your lifestyle​

  • Implementation & Integration (60 days)

    • You will receive a weekly accountability phone call with the facilitator

    • You will have access to ask questions in between sessions

    • You will have access to optimize and update the protocol and dosage as needed



If you are seeking to wean off of medications, please acquire your prescribing doctor's consent prior to purchasing this protocol. 


This is not a substance abuse support service, please only utilize for prescribed medications only. 


    Pharmaceutical Detox Protocol - Facilitated


      • Upon purchase, you will receive intake documents to complete: 
        • Mental and physical assessment form to complete (HIPPA Compliant) 
        • Food:Mood diary template to begin tracking your food intake and symptoms
        • Link to upload your latest blood panel results (if available)
      • Link to schedule an onboarding call with the provider
      • Once your intake process is completed, you will receive your personalized protocol within 7 days
      • A weekly 30-min call will be scheduled for check-ins and accountability
      • You will be invited to a messaging platform to communicate with the facilitator in between weekly sessions as needed