4 weeks to mastering performance

Did you know that only 20% of individuals & teams ever reach their full potential?

Do you ever wonder why you aren't reaching your goals despite working really hard? Ever wonder why you continuously sabotage exactly that which you claim to desire? Do you ever catch yourself tangled up in negative self talk & criticism?

Here is WHY...

Our childhood experiences define our adult behaviors & perception of the world. We are often unaware of the extent by which we are still living with an outdated & distorted perception of ourselves and the world.

Success requires self mastery & self mastery requires an honest study of our own behavior & thought patterns.

Trying to achieve success while still holding on to the past is like trying to run a marathon with crutches you once used as a child. It's restrictive, inefficient, tiring, and awkward. 

The New Year is a wonderful opportunity to let go of that which no longer serves us and work on fine-tuning the magnificent instrument that is our perception of the world, ourselves, and our gifts.

Ready for a kickass 2018? Want to gain a competitive advantage that will help you achieve your goals more often, more efficiently, and with a whole lot more fun?


Welcome to Performance Leap 4-Week Intensive


This limited 4-week crash course will offer you the most recent & revolutionary techniques to fine-tune your success game for the year. The materials in this course are based on the principles of Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and Developmental Trauma and include a cutting-edge framework used by top executives of Fortune 500 companies to gain a competitive advantage. This course was developed with a simple goal in mind:

Provide the most impactful techniques on Brain Performance in the shortest amount of time, for a small investment. 

In this course you will:

Take Your Performance, Focus, Productivity, and Success To The Next Level

Identify The Ways You Sabotage Your Own Success

Learn Neuroscience-driven Techniques To Weaken & Eliminate The Saboteurs

Learn How To Promote Brain Elasticity To Gain A Competitive Edge

Build The Mental Muscles Required For Success


What's More? 

 This course utilizes a scientific, measurable, and cutting-edge approach allowing you to track your success & progress week over week. 

Live Online Classes Start in February 2018, recordings will be made available to participants who can't join the live course. 

Concerned about the time commitment? This course has been crafted to fit your busy entrepreneurial lifestyle; all the techniques are incorporated into your daily habits & rituals and require little to no additional time commitment. 

Curious? Think you've got what it takes? Click on the link below to schedule a free Intro Call with me to learn more. Space is limited. 

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Anahita Parseghian

Anahita is the founder of Brain Mastery, a Certified Pain and Neuroplasticity Coach, and a Certified Somatic Therapist (TRE Facilitator). After suffering from debilitating chronic pain for many years without any real diagnosis, she left her thriving career in the technology sector and committed herself to healing her own body. She was so inspired by the material she found on the Mind-Body connection and Neuroplasticity, that she completed multiple certifications on the subject and developed Brain Mastery to help others reprogram their brain and nervous system for a fulfilling, successful, stress-free, pain-free, and joyous life.