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Neural Reprogramming


Neural Reprogramming For Peak Performers

Are you a high performer in business seeking to take your productivity to the next level? Does stress impact your performance? Perhaps you have back or shoulder pain that doesn't seem to get any better? Do you wish you had greater control over your responses to life's challenges? Do you suspect that your past experiences sabotage your success sometimes? Are you always looking for the next cutting-edge scientific tool to optimize your performance, upgrade your health, and revitalize your spirit? Are you committed to personal growth & mastery? Are you fascinated by the brain functions and curious about how you can change your brain to take your success, health, and happiness to the next level? 

Learn To Train Your Brain!

the answer in the brain

I first became fascinated with our ability to change our brains after training my own brain to completely heal a complicated chronic pain that had deemed me practically disabled for three years. While some of the best doctors in the US had no answers for me during this time, I was committed to reclaiming my health at any cost which meant rejecting symptom treatments and diving deep to find the root of the pain. Once I discovered the power of my own brain, I was able to train my brain to reverse what was called a "Chronic" condition. I have since been trained in Neuroplasticity, Traumatology, and Health & Wellness. I am certified in Pain Coaching & TRE Facilitation.

My personal experience, studies, and research have offered me a unique perspective into the complex world of our brains where anything from our daily routine to our childhood traumas impact the performance of our brain today. 

Are you ready to take charge of YOUR brain's performance? 

brain mastery protocol

The Brain Mastery Protocol is designed to support high performers in reprogramming their brain to maximize desired results. Through this protocol, I support you in identifying and resolving any mental and emotional barriers to success, and equip you with cutting-edge Neuroplasticity techniques to optimize your output in alignment with your performance goals. Brain Mastery is designed to treat the whole organism by aiming to bring balance to the Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

You can expect to learn about:

The Essentials of Neuroplasticity & how to make it work for you

The Psychology of change & how to make a change in your life

The impact of trauma on your mindset & how to reprogram the saboteurs

The Neuroscience of Exercise & how to maximize results in the brain

The Neuroscience of Mindfulness & how to take control by letting go

The Optimal Brain Diet & the role of nutrition in your performance

The impact of Stress on the body & how to overwrite your default responses

Tension, Trauma, and Stress Exercises & regulating your own nervous system

Sessions can be conducted in-person in the Los Angeles area or through calls and video chats. Free consultations are available to answer questions and assess client needs.