Mind-Body Wellness Coaching 

Our bodies are magnificent works of art that require a delicate balance for optimal function. Almost all disease and discomfort are initiated due to an imbalance in the body, mind, or spirit. These three mechanisms are interconnected and work in union to ensure our health and well-being. Whether you are suffering from a chronic or auto-immune illnesses, chronic pain, digestive troubles, depression, anxiety, inability to focus, or substance abuse, discovering and addressing the root-cause is essential for sustainable and effective recovery. 



discovering the root cause

We live in a world of symptom treatments:

Most prescription medications are designed to target the symptoms and not the root-cause
Numbing strategies like alcohol, drugs, workaholism, and media are often utilized to mask the deeper pain
We are a nation addicted to "Quick-Fix" solutions
We have been giving away our power to heal ourselves to doctors, healers, and substances


Modern western medical approach is highly effective in treating acute conditions but when it comes to chronic conditions, often the only option provided is long-term use of prescription medications which never truly address the root of the illness or discomfort. Effective and lasting treatment of any condition whether in mind, body, or spirit must take into account the union of these aspects of our being. 


Many "chronic" conditions are reversible! 


After years of working with individuals and studying the work of pioneers in Mind-Body Wellness, I have found the root cause of many chronic conditions and symptoms to be a combination of the following: 

Inadequate or Improper Nutrition
Emotional Trauma
Spiritual Crisis


bio-psycho-social model

My approach to wellness is guided by these three core root-causes and includes a comprehensive assessment and treatment of each through a Bio-Psycho-Social Model that encompasses a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Nutritional & Fitness Support, Somatic Trauma Therapy, and Ancient Spiritual Practices. 


Whether you need support in all or some of these areas, I am here to support your journey back to balance, harmony, and wellness. Allow me to help you discover the tremendous power you hold in healing your mind, body, and spirit. Click on the link below to schedule a free session with me. No strings attached! Just clarity!



reclaim your power to heal!


You are worthy of feeling healthy, energetic, balanced, and happy! Ready for the journey of a lifetime? 

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