You Deserve To Enjoy Life Again

Are you tired of being constantly stressed? Is physical pain limiting your job performance? Is stress impacting your career and relationships? Do you secretly fear that you'll be disabled one day? Do you struggle to sleep at night? Do you ever wish that you could go back to a time where you had no back, neck, or shoulder pain? Are you tired of searching for answers? Do you feel exhausted? Do you feel hopeless? Do you feel guilty? Do you isolate yourself because you are ashamed of your pain? Do you often feel inadequate despite being an overachiever? Do you find yourself trying to please everyone? Do you secretly fear that you aren't loved? Are you a perfectionist? Do you hide your suffering in fear of being judged? Do you ever think that there must be a way out?

I've been in your shoes before and I am here to tell you that you are not alone, there is hope, and...



From Surviving to Thriving

I used to suffer from debilitating chronic pain and stress. I often felt that my life was over, there was no hope, and I was sentenced to a life of eternal suffering. I was exhausted, frustrated, angry, ashamed of my pain, and really scared of the future until I cracked the code on the source of my pain! I found the root of my pain in stress and past trauma and that is when my journey of recovery began. Since then, I have dedicated myself to studying the Mind-Body connection and have managed to completely heal my complicated chronic pain.  

I now firmly believe that stress and trauma are the roots of all illness and have developed a solution that utilizes cutting-edge scientific discoveries in neuroscience, psychology, meditation, fitness, and nutrition to offer a holistic solution for upgrading the human body and mind to eliminate chronic pain, and develop agency over stress responses. 

We all deserve to live a whole, fulfilling, healthy, and joyous life. Are you ready to Reclaim Your Joy and start thriving?




a Science-based Solution for Chronic Pain and Stress

This is your chance to take charge of your wellness, take back the power you've given away to others to heal you, uncover the resiliency you possess, and reclaim your joy because not only you deserve to live a pain free, stress free, and fulfilling life, but you are fully capable of it and I am here to support you as you take this life-changing journey. 

Compass Protocol is focused on treating the whole organism by aiming to bring balance to the Mind, Body, and Spirit alike. 


You will

Take back your power & start healing your pain
Gain control over stress & overwrite your default responses
Uncover your resiliency & the strength you've had all along
Cultivate self-love & confidence in your ability to heal yourself
Reclaim your joy & upgrade your wellbeing 
The Cure for the Pain, is in the Pain.
— Rumi

official Bio

anahita parseghian

Anahita  is the founder of Compass Protocol, a Certified Pain Coach and a Certified TRE Facilitator. After suffering from debilitating chronic pain for many years without any real diagnosis, she left her thriving career in the technology sector and committed herself to healing her own body. She was so inspired by the material she found on the Mind-Body connection and its link to chronic pain, that she completed multiple certifications on the subject and developed Compass Protocol to help others. She now lives pain free and helps people with chronic pain and stress, reclaim their joy & vitality. 


"Anahita took me in to help solve my stress-induced vulvar tightness, or pelvic floor problems. The TRE exercises she taught me created a vast improvement in my ability to have enjoyable intercourse, and there is no price one can put on enjoying one's partner again! She was attentive and gentle, and genuinely interested in holding me kindly accountable to my own well-being. I cannot recommend her services enough." L.C.


"Anahita is a gentle soul who listened to me very patiently from our first session to our last session, she gave me tools at every turn to help me through my own triggers that kept coming up, the homework she had me do was very specific and tailored to our conversations and helped me understand myself that much more through simple questions I was able to gain more valuable insight into my own traumas and processes.  I would recommend her to anyone that would ask for and needs the type of help she offers, I will definitely keep working with her in the future as she helps the world heal one person at a time." H.P.


Compass protocol

Tired of being in Chronic Pain? Daily Stress wearing you down? Compass Protocol is here to help you reclaim your power, joy, and vitality.

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Trauma & Tension Release Exercises is a revolutionary method for relieving Stress, whether you are a veteran with PTSD or an executive with high stress.

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