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Mindfulness Based

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Mind-Body Approach

Neural Reprogramming


Optimize Focus, Maximize Productivity, Achieve Balance

Are you a high performer in business ? Do you strive to live a healthy, happy and productive life? Are you an A-Player with big ambitions and even bigger drive to succeed?

Whether you are looking for effective stress management techniques, productivity hacks, tips for gaining focus, or simply the micro-tweaks that will take your career performance to the next level, you have arrived at the right place.

The success and health of your business is a direct reflection of your mental and emotional health. Simply put, negative thoughts, self-doubt, and frustration at the leadership level trickle down to the entire organization and cut into the business profits. The difference between great leaps in business success and failure often comes down to simply choosing one perspective over another. I am here to help you shift and shape the kind of empowering perspective that guarantees your invincibility, resilience, and success in both business and personal life.




Allow me to support you in taking your focus, productivity, and balance to the next level!

As a Tech Founder myself, I am intimately aware of the challenges of entrepreneurship. In fact, a few years ago, my body broke down and I had to take a long hiatus to focus on my health. Since then, I have been trained as a Mind-Body Wellness Coach and Trauma Specialist and have combined these modalities with my knowledge of business to help other entrepreneurs stay on top of their A-game by building resiliency, optimizing focus, maximizing productivity, and achieving balance. The results are simply miraculous! Ask me about microdosing and plant medicines for performance!


Our minds influence the key activity of the brain, which then influences everything; perception, cognition, thoughts and feelings, personal relationships; they’re all a projection of you.
— Deepak Chopra


holistic stress management

Holistic Stress Coaching involves a comprehensive study of all root causes of stress and an effective personalized plan of action to reduce the negative impact of stress, and ultimately to develop control and agency over your emotional responses to triggering events.

We often think of stress as something negative yet our perception of stress defines how our bodies and minds respond to it; stress can be a tool for gaining momentum and inspiration that delivers us to success or it can be a toxic experience detrimental to our physical, emotional, and relational well-being. I am here to help you tap into the power you hold over your experience and support you in developing lasting resiliency that sets you free!

Learn About The Pillars Of Building A Resilient & Stress-Proof Life

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My approach



"Anahita is a gentle soul who listened to me very patiently from our first session to our last session, she gave me tools at every turn to help me through my own triggers that kept coming up, the homework she had me do was very specific and tailored to our conversations and helped me understand myself that much more through simple questions I was able to gain more valuable insight into my own traumas and processes.  I would recommend her to anyone that would ask for and needs the type of help she offers, I will definitely keep working with her in the future as she helps the world heal one person at a time."

~ Horacio P. - Tech Professional


"Anahita helped me identify the core obstacles I'm facing in my life, their emotional and psychological roots, and provided excellent tools to attack those issues."

~ David W. - Tech Entrepreneur


"I benefited from working with Anahita in so many ways, it would be hard to list. But, overall giving me the knowledge about my brain and how I can identify, overcome and break through saboteurs and things that have been holding me back from going after my dreams."

~ Cheryl B. - Medical Sales Professional


"Anahita took me in to help solve my stress-induced vulvar tightness, or pelvic floor problems. The TRE exercises she taught me created a vast improvement in my ability to have enjoyable intercourse, and there is no price one can put on enjoying one's partner again! She was attentive and gentle, and genuinely interested in holding me kindly accountable to my own well-being. I cannot recommend her services enough."

~ Lilian C. - Teacher


take your business success to the next level