The Inspiration Behind Anahita Anais

Hello Brain Mastery fans!

You might have noticed that I have rebranded my business from "Brain Mastery" to "Anahita Anais" and you are probably wondering "what is going on? why the change?". 

Brain Mastery is a brand that I will likely hold onto for future use but as my business grew and I learned more about my audience and what serves the needs of my clients, it became clear that "Brain Mastery" branding wasn't reflective of the holistic approach I take in working with my clients. I am still a firm believer that the most impactful changes happen in our mind and perception but often that's not enough which is why when we work together, we work on not only neural reprogramming and developing an empowering mindset, but we also work on balancing nutrition and gaining spiritual alignment with our goals. This is why I chose to rebrand to "Anahita Anais" which is my name because when you work with me, you work with ALL of what I have to offer. I pour in my heart and soul and everything I've got to help you get the results you seek. 

I am excited about this new direction and look forward to sharing the magic of this holistic approach with more of you soon. 

Stay tuned for tips on Mind-Body-Spirit wellness here and follow me on social media for more consistent tips and updates!

Stay well, stay focused, stay grounded!

~ Anahita