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Anahita Parseghian is an Integrative Mental Health Practitioner & Resilience Coach that supports high-performing women struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Cognitive Impairment, Chronic Pain, and GI dysfunction to reclaim their health and vitality so they can stop the cycle of struggle and treatment to live their most empowered, productive, and inspiring life yet! 

Her approach is rooted in a holistic Integrative Mental Health and PolyVagal-informed framework designed to address the root trauma cause by balancing and restoring the Body, Mind, and Spirit.


The central focus of her work is restoring and maintaining a deep sense of inner safety, security, and calm in the nervous system to support a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling life. 

Her personal journey with trauma healing began early on as a refugee and war survivor later developing into a more focused path when she successfully healed her body out of chronic pain and anxiety related to PTSD and corporate burnout. She has been practicing as an Integrative Mental Health Practitioner since 2016 and holds accredited certifications in Mental Health Integrative Medicine (CMHIMP), Somatic Trauma Therapy; the TRE® Method, The Safe & Sound Protocol, and Holistic Pain Management. She is currently completing her certification in Positive Intelligence (a cutting-edge neural reprogramming framework out of Stanford University). 


Her perspective on trauma work is also guided by over a decade of eastern and western shamanic studies and practices with particular emphasis on trauma-informed embodied spirituality, healing rituals, and plant medicine interventions when appropriate. 

Anahita is an advocate for the safe and therapeutic use of psychedelic medicines and publishes a weekly news and education digest on the topic of microdosing at 


"Trauma is not our fault but it is our responsibility to heal and I am here to guide you through this potent journey to immense healing, self-discovery, empowerment, inspiration, and self-love."

~ Anahita Anais


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