Hello, my name is Anahita, and I am here to help you optimize your focus, productivity, and balance.

 I am a Tech Founder, Performance Coach, and Business Mentor.  My mission is to help entrepreneurs wildly succeed in business without compromising their health and relationships.

My journey started many years ago when I developed debilitating complex chronic pain which doctors could not diagnose. My journey to find the origin of my suffering had taken me to different parts of the world: the best of western medical doctors, alternative healing specialists, and even tribal healers.

I found the first glimpse of hope in Mind-Body medicine as I came to identify Stress as the main contributor to my complicated pain experience. Having worked in and lead corporate teams for a decade, I was well aware of the high stress my lifestyle entailed yet never suspected that such serious physical symptoms could be a result of work stress. Since then, I have obtained multiple certifications on the subject and dedicated my time to studying the psychosomatic nature of chronic pain, the tools of emotional agility, neuroplasticity, the neuroscience of stress and performance, the psychology of success, Trauma & Tension Release Exercises, and various scientifically proven modalities to reduce pain and stress, and develop resiliency. I have combined these modalities with my decade-long experience of researching and working with psychoactive plant medicines in therapeutic and ceremonial settings to offer a unique and comprehensive approach to optimizing performance in business.

My goal is to help individuals and teams better understand the old thoughts, beliefs, trauma, and programming that stands in the way of their success and the ultimate goal of finding fulfillment. 

Please join me on this journey as I share with you the immense power that you hold over your experience.

If you want to change your life, you must learn how to expand your perception.
— Anahita

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Please note that I do not hold a degree in the medical field. The services offered here are supported by my studies in Chronic Pain Coaching and Somatic Trauma Therapy as well as my personal journey through pain, stress, and years of research shared with the purpose of offering you a holistic approach to better understand all the factors that impact your wellness, performance, joy, and success in life. The materials on my blog are not meant to replace your doctor's recommendations.